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Below is a listing of the available calibers for the Full Nelson Takedown Rifle. 

The chart shows examples of game commonly taken for each available caliber.

Type of Action : Fox, Chuck, Coyote, Other VarmintsDeer, Antelope, Mountain GoatBlack Bear, Mountain LionMoose, Elk, CaribouGrizzly Bear, Kodiak BearRhino, Elephant, Cape Buffalo
Long Action Magnum      
257 Weatherby MagnumXXX   
264 Winchester MagnumXXX   
270 Weatherby Magnum XXX  
7mm Remington Magnum XXX  
7mm Remington Ultra Magnum XXXX 
7mm Weatherby Magnum XXX  
8mm Remington Magnum  XXX 
300 H&H Magnum  XXX 
300 Remington Ultra Magnum XXXX 
300 Weatherby Magnum XXXX 
300 Winchester Magnum XXXX 
338 Remington Ultra Magnum   XX 
338 Winchester Magnum  XXX 
340 Weatherby Magnum  XXX 
375 H&H Magnum   XXX
375 Ultra Magnum   XXX
416 Remington    XX
458 Lott    XX
458 Winchester Magnum    XX
Long Action Standard       
270 Winchester XXX  
280 Remington   XXX  
30-06   XXX  
35 Whelen  XXX 
8mm Mauser XXX  
Short Action Magnum                           
223 Winchester Super Short MagnumX     
243 Winchester Super Short MagnumXX    
25 Winchester Super Short MagnumXXX   
270 Winchester Short Magnum XXX  
6.5 Remington Magnum XX   
7mm Winchester Short Magnum XXX  
300 Winchester Short Magnum XXXX 
325 Winchester Short Magnum  XXX 
350 Remington Magnum  XXX 
Short Action Standard      
220 SwiftX     
243 Winchester  XXX   
22-250 RemingtonX     
257 Roberts XX   
260 Remington XX   
308 Winchester XXX  
338 Federal XXXX 
6mm Remington XX   
7mm Mauser XXX  
7mm-08 XXX  
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